Registration is done by event.  Registration can be done through our website/app (Events Page).  Please reach out to info@hoopsourcebasketball.com with any questions!  Deadlines for registration/payment typically are 10 days before an event begins.

We use gyms/facilities typically within 25 minutes of the nearest airport. Due to the size of our events, games will span across multiple venues. All games within 1 day will be at the same venue site.

We are fortunate to partner with excellent hotels (with discounted availability) that are in good position to travel to any gym site! Go to (https://hoopsourcebasketball.com/travel-hotels) or contact Aimee Roberts (Phone: 801.949.5754 / Email: aimee.roberts@tcihousing.com) with questions!

Schedules will be emailed to coaches, posted online to our website, and posted to our app by midnight (11:59 pm) the Tuesday evening before the event begins.  Schedules can be found HERE (Link).

We ask that each participant in our event(s) complete a waiver form once annually during a calendar year - Online Waiver Form

We ask that each team in our event(s) complete a Roster Form.  These forms need to be submitted by the Wednesday evening (10:00 pm) before the specific event begins. 

Roster Form (TBA)

Day 1 games typically start at 8:00 am, with final games finishing by 7:00 pm on the final day of the event.  Certain events will have modifications (Friday evening games, Holiday Adjustments, and NCAA Game Start/Finish regulations).  During Summer events, games will potentially start later in the evening.

Game quantity will depend on the event and will be posted specifically for each event on the app/website.

Pricing is by event and will be listed in the event details. We work hard to provide the very best events, which would not be possible without such excellent support from our community!

Grades 1st – 6th boys will use an intermediate basketball (Size: 28.5).

Grades 7th – High School Boys will use a regulation basketball (Size: 29.5).

All girls/women divisions will use an intermediate basketball (Size: 28.5).

A “junior” or “mini” ball (Size: 27) can be used at the 1st & 2nd Grade levels if both coaches agree (boys & girls).

Game Play Rules depend on the specific event and are listed on each event page for leagues/tournaments. Game Play Rules are also physically printed and put on each scorer’s table at each venue.

The "First" Team listed within (Pool Play) match-ups is the HOME TEAM.  The “Second” team listed is the VISITOR TEAM.

The "Top" Team listed within (Bracket Play) is the HOME TEAM.  The “Bottom” team listed is the VISITOR TEAM.

It is suggested that the HOME TEAM wear “Light Colored Uniforms” & the AWAY TEAM wear “Dark Colored Uniforms.”

The best way to keep on top of things is to download the HoopSource Grassroots app!  Also – you can check a team’s schedule 15-30 minutes after game completion on the exposure events web page.  Scores are updated/populated 15 minutes after reported to the admins.

You can find us on Instagram (@hoopsource), Twitter (@hoopsource1), and YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/@hoopsource)!

Teams are permitted access 20 minutes before the first game time. Please do not enter facilities until allowed entry by event staff.

This is specific to each event and will be posted within the event page. All streaming of games is done through a third party and no billing is done directly through HoopSource.

Merchandise/Apparel can be found at our merch page here. For specific events, apparel can be selected or custom printed at one of the larger venues.

Coaches and Scorekeepers are required to wear the unique, event specific wristband for the entirety of the event in order to receive accommodated entry.

Please request access here - Click Here To View

HoopSource Grassroots organically grew from Coaches who have seen every aspect of the game. Built from the ground up, HoopSource was orchestrated by College, High School & AAU/Club Coaches - taking what was learned from years of experience to bring the best event experience possible.